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Cadbury Launches Innovative Campaign

Cadbury Launches Innovative Campaign
  • On January 19, 2013

Cadbury have recently launched an innovative advertising campaign. You may have seen the new ‘Chocolatey’ and ‘Creammmy’ adverts at bus stops and on bill boards across the country.

In a bold move, Cadbury have left out the product imagery and the company logo from the artwork. Despite these absences, the advert looks distinctively familiar. The purple background and the white cursive typography are the typical hallmarks of Cadbury.

So what are these ads trying to achieve?

The words chocoately and creammmy have the desired effect to drive our craving for chocolate.<!> Studies have shown that just the sight of suggestive words can light up the ‘craving centre’ in our brain. By replacing the logo with descriptive words, a link is forged between our desire for chocolate and the Cadbury colours.

The next time we spot the Cadbury logo in store, it’ll look distinctively familiar. We’ll search our memory bank of particular shapes, patterns and colours. In a split second, without consciously thinking about it, a historic association is found which connects the Cadbury colours with our desire for chocolate and we go in for our selection.

Last year, the Easter Egg market grew by 3% and is now worth €32 million. With a strong campaign behind them, Cadbury will be hoping to increase their market share in this growing market.

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  1. James B

    Love these ads! You can spot them a mile away.